Saturday, January 8, 2011

Choose to set a goal, don't be complacent in your life...

Happy New Year!

I've come to realize I'm not the best at keeping up with blogging. I may need to set some goals so that I write more than once every few months! Speaking of goals...

I was asked over my winter break what my goals for 2011 were. I was taken by surprise, because I hadn't even thought about it. My first thought was, I'm blessed. My life is good, I am happy. I told her that I really didn't have any, that I was great and couldn't think of a thing.

Until I started thinking. As I am being challenged by my good friends to read the Word daily and to do a Beth Moore study on Daniel, and I did some reading while on break, I realized that I made a mistake by saying that I didn't have any goals. I remembered "pride goes before the fall" and also how I am always asking my students to have goals in their life. I remember how one student could not think of a single thing she could be when she grew up. This made me so sad because I felt that she had nothing to work for or look forward to. I mean, everyone should have something they want to be when they grow up, even when they "grow up!"

As I get older, and I read a lot of books (I love to read), I realize that many of the woman characters that I read about, realize that they have lost themselves. As they have gotten older they have become a wife and mother and let that consume them. I know they are just characters, but many of these books are New York bestsellers or at least New York bestseller authors. This means many people read them, because they can relate to them. I wonder if many of these woman characters, that so many ladies relate to, had stop making goals for themselves. Once they met that goal of finding their mate, that perfect career, or raising their children, they forgot to set new goals, and lost a little, or a lot of themself. You are never to old to make a goal for yourself.

So choose a goal for the new year. Choose a goal when you have nothing to do or you are bored. Choose a goal for yourself when you are doing fine and you need think there is nothing else you need in your life...I bet if you really sat down and thought about it, you could think of something.

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